Singer-songwriter Nikena is here, and she's making a splash with her sultry new music.  Born in Jamaica, Nikena was raised in New York City after relocating to Brooklyn in the late '90s.  Growing up, Nikena often shared her vocal talent in choirs, as she always had a great love for music.  She wouldn’t officially pursue her lifelong dream of writing and performing her own music until 2019, when she decided to dive into her craft.  As she began to hone her songwriting abilities, she found that writing wasn't only a way to get her creativity flowing, but a way to express herself honestly.  Crafting lyrics inspired by her real-life situations has helped her process her feelings and find healing as she creates music that touches on her experiences with falling in love, navigating heartbreak, and discovering her rhythm in life.  Influenced by the greats,  Nikena has always been inspired by R&B, pop and reggae queens Brandy, Rihanna, Whitney Houston and Alaine.  Her unique style features elements of these popular genres, as well as a reggae inspired sound that draws back to her Jamaican roots.  Nikena's music puts her clear vocals and songwriting talent on full display, most notably in her debut single, 2020's "Water." An R&B track that immediately transports listeners to a summertime state of mind with its melodic beat and Caribbean influence. "Water" provides the perfect introduction and first taste of what Nikena will bring to the table on her forthcoming EP, "This Is Me."